About MJG

Team Bio:

California coastal real estate is some of the most dramatic and beautiful in the world. And, often, the most confounding to understand.

The Mike Johnson Group – Mike along with Paulo Prietto, Nick Hooper, Inge Bunn, Sylvia Ames, and Andrew Graff – bring a depth of experience unparalleled by most real estate professionals with more than 70 years of combined coastal Orange County experience.

With that experience comes an uncanny ability to unravel this confusing marketplace for our clients. With varied talents on tap, every client – no matter which member of the team they are working with – has access to the expertise of every team member. From specific laws and codes in Laguna Beach, to knowing the cost of parking a Duffy in Newport Harbor – the power of six agents working for you is undeniable. We understand the nuances of this rarefied market.

The Mike Johnson Group has transacted some of the most expensive real estate in California with an enviable tally of close to $100 million in real estate sales in 2017 representing individual sales from $450,000 to $22,000,000.

Whether selling an oceanfront home or finding a first condominium, our group realizes that each transaction represents one of the most significant life events for each of our clients and we treat it as such.